A wee birdie told me

A wee birdie told me

I painted this blue tit, one of the most common garden birds in the UK, painted in acrylic on a deep box canvas. I took a little artistic licence as I know this little fella would actually be safely tucked up in his nest at night but I liked the idea of painting him against a nightsky backdrop. 

As with all my artwork this has been sprayed with satin varnish to protect it from dust and UV light. 

The night sky background continued around the edges of the canvas and because it is a deep edge canvas it can be hung as is without the need for a frame. It will also sit equally well upright on a surface if you prefer. 

My signature is on the side of the canvas where I prefer to sign so it doesn't distract from the painting on the front.

Measurements - 12.5 x 12.5 x 3.5cm (5 x 5 inches)

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80 GBP