Becoming History

Becoming History

I am passionate about conservation of endangered animals in general and rhinos in particular and love to use my art, where possible, to raise awareness of conservation issues. Rather than a realistic rhino this time, I wanted it to look a little like a cave drawing to represent the fact that these creatures and their ancestors have been roaming the earth for millions of years but are critically endangered and on the verge of becoming history, hence the title.

It is painted in impasto acrylic using a palette knife to create thick texture. I also used acrylic modelling paste on the canvas to build up further layers of texture. The body of the rhino is painted using a pearlesent medium with the acrylic paint to add a ghostly ethereal quality to reflect the impermanent feel of the future of these beautiful animals. 

The canvas is gallery wrapped and painted around the edges so can be hung as is or you could always frame it if you prefer. As with all my paintings, it has been sprayed with satin varnish to protect it from dust and damage from UV light.

Measurements - 20 x 25 x 1.5cm

135 GBP