Encourage Kindness

Encourage Kindness

This is the first in a series of 8 paintings I am working on inspired by photographs taken by @helen.ara (Instagram) at an auction on the day these animals were being sent to slaughter. Helen bears witness at auctions and slaughterhouses to show these innocent creatures that they matter to someone in their short lives.

I was so moved by Helen's photos and wanted to show that they mattered to me too so I asked if I could paint their portraits and will donate 50% of the sale price to @thefarmanimalsanctuary, based in the Worcestershire, UK, ( where luckier animals will get to live out their natural lifespan in comfort and safety. They are currently in need of donations to rebuild some of the animals enclosures and shelters damaged in the winter weather.

Of course this sheep didn't have a name but the name Philippa came into my head as I was painting her and her message to us is to 'encourage kindness'. She is painted in acrylic ink and paint on canvas measuring 10 x 10cm (4x4 inches) which has been mounted onto hard wood stained in walnut measuring approximately 12 x 12 cm (5 X 5 inches). The painting has been sprayed with satin varnish to protect from dust and UV light.
60 GBP