Fly to your tomorrow

Fly to your tomorrow

This is another in a series of northern skies paintings I've been working on recently, continuing my current obsession with starry skies and northern lights. 

While on a painting holiday in Cornwall last year, I'd taken a photo of a seagull mooching about around me and my fellow artists as we sat and sketched at a small harbour. He was so cocky and confident and looked so cross that I knew I wanted to paint him at some point and he seemed like the perfect subject to have against the backdrop of the northern lights.

I'm all for recycling and upcycling and that includes my canvasses - when I tire of an older painting, in this case because my painting style has evolved and is very different now to what was originally there, I like to paint over and start again. That is exactly what I did here using fine art acrylic spray paint to create the night sky and then acrylics with a dry brush technique to paint the seagull and the rocks on which he is standing and allowing texture from the previous painting to show through on this new piece. 

This is a gallery wrapped deep box canvas which has been painted around the edges so it does not need to be framed although you could have it fitted with a floating frame if you preferred. As with all my artwork this has been sprayed with a satin varnish to protect it from dust and UV light.

Measurements - 30 x 30 x 3.5cm

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