Island life

This painting started life as a scene of Fowey, in Cornwall, when I was on a painting workshop. I then decided to give it a vibrant do-over and changed it around to include the little stack of rock at the right hand side which are very a typical sight all along the coastline of the north coast of Scotland.

Once it was finished it actually made me think of a tropical island (or perhaps that was just because I had been watching the most recent series of Death in Paradise!) Anyway, whatever the reason I ended up calling it 'Island life'.

It is painted in an impasto technique using a palette knife so has plenty of texture over the surface of the canvas. All my paintings are sprayed with a satin varnish to protect the surface from dust and UV damage. 

This is painted around the edges of the canvas and could hang as it is although you may prefer to frame it.

Measurements - 24 x 30 x 2cm
180 GBP