Mist rolling in from the sea

Mist rolling in from the sea

Summer is an elusive concept here in the far north of Scotland! Unfortunately while we have some of the most stunning beaches in the whole of the UK we don't generally have the sunshine to make the most of them.  In fact, if we are lucky enough to get two days of sunshine in a row on the third day we'll inevitably experience the 'haar'  - sea mist which rolls in and whites out the entire landscape, although strangely you could drive twenty minutes in either direction and discover clear blue skies!

This is based on a photo I took on Strathy Beach in Sutherland, Scotland on just such a day. I was originally going to include the dune grass shown in the reference photo but I quite liked the loose abstract seascape as it was, with the focus on the sea mist. 

The canvas is a deep set box canvas with the edges painted white.  It can be hung as it is without the need for a frame or it can stand upright if you prefer to have it on a shelf as shown in the photographs. 

My signature is on the back and as with all my paintings, this has been sprayed with satin varnish to protect it from UV light and dust.

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