Mother Earth

Mother Earth

love highland cows - they always seem like the hippies of the bovine family to me with their gentle ways and their long hair flopping over their eyes! A local photographer kindly gave me permission to use one of his photos as a reference so I used a bit of artistic licence to remove the horrible yellow tags from the calf's ears and add the northern lights into the background!

Cows are amazing mothers, very protective and nurturing and the form a very strong bond with their young. In many cultures, animal symbolism links the cow to the concept of Mother Earth as they represent fertility, nurturing and power.

This is painted using fine art acrylic spray paints to create the northern lights background and then regular acrylic paints for the cows and grass in the foreground. 

As with all my artwork this has been sprayed with a satin varnish to protect it from dust and UV light. The canvas is a deep edge gallery wrapped canvas which doesn't require framing. My signature is on the side of the canvas which is were I prefer to put it so it doesn't distract from the image.

Measurements - 76cm x 50cm x 3.5cm

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400 GBP