Neon sky

Neon sky

This is a miniature acrylic painting of the northern lights above the beach in my village inspired by a photo my husband took one night when we were lucky enough to see them for ourselves. 

I call these tiny paintings my 'snapshots of...' series as they remind me of Polaroid photos in size and are inspired by photos taken by either myself or my husband on our travels and around and about the amazing Scottish scenery where we live.

As well as finished pieces inspired by my own memories, I am happy to take custom orders so please get in touch if you have a favourite location or holiday snap that you would like to have turned into an original miniature painting snapshot.

Painted in acrylic ink and paint on a miniature canvas which measures 7.5 x 7.5cm and the measurements including the wooden frame are 11 x 11cm. The frame has been made from hard wood and stained in walnut. It comes with twine attached ready to hang.
45 GBP