On the surface

On the surface

This little duck has been waiting patiently to be painted since March when my husband took the reference photo in the Tiergartin in Berlin. I knew as soon as I saw all those fabulous reflections on the surface of the water that I would be painting this!

If you have a look at some of my other paintings, you'll see that I have a love of watery reflections - I've discovered that I really enjoy the abstract patterns found in nature, like the sky reflected in water or the negative space in tree branches - there is something about the patterns I find mesmerising and I love that close up they're just random shapes in paint but that when the viewer steps back and takes in the scene as a whole all those random shapes form a realistic painting.

I plan to include this in my series of spirit animal paintings - the duck symbolism reminds us to take care of our emotions and to be in the here and now, gliding through the waters of life with ease and confidence trying not to get tangled up in the debris that floats around you, i.e don't let the negativity of the wider world consume you.

This has been painted in acrylic ink on watercolour paper. The surface was first sprayed with acrylic spray paint and the acrylic ink was applied on top of that. Please note that this painting comes unframed and unmounted for ease of postage and the photo showing it in a frame is only by way of example.

Measurements - 18 x 26cm
95 GBP