On thin ice

On thin ice

Polar bears have evolved for a life on the sea ice, which they rely on for hunting for food. But, because of climate change, the arctic sea ice is rapidly diminishing which is affecting the entire arctic ecosystem. For polar bears, sea ice losses means reduced access to food making it much more difficult for them to survive. Wildlife conservation and environmental issues are things that concern me greatly (as they should everyone) and I was inspired to paint this to reflect the fact that the future of these beautiful creatures is literally on thin ice.

I used fine art acrylic spray paints for the night sky and northern lights and then used an impasto technique applying the acrylic paint with a palette knife to create texture and depth for the polar bear and ice.

This is a deep edge box canvas which doesn't require a frame. My signature is on the side as I prefer it not to detract from the painting but there isn't an option to mention that when listing the painting. As with all my art, this has been sprayed with satin varnish to protect it from dust and UV damage.

Measurements - 50 x 70 x 4.5cm

400 GBP