Road less traveled

Road less traveled

This is the third in my 'moments on the Mother Road' series inspired by photos taken on a road trip across America on Route 66.

During our trip we listened to the local radio stations everywhere we drove through, made a list of all the songs we heard a lot on the road and then created a playlist when we got home - music is so evocative of a time and place and every time we hear those songs now they take us right back to Route 66. 

Why am I telling you this? Well, I wanted to give each painting a title inspired by the songs we listened to, either the title of the song or a lyric from it. I have already used this title for a painting I did a few years ago but because it was the name of a song from our trip and because it seemed really appropriate given that this highway has been superseded by the interstate (which you can see off to the right in my painting) it seemed really appropriate to use it again (and I've used the American spelling just to keep it country!) 

I used acrylic modelling paste on the canvas to create a rough, cracked appearance which I then painted over in acrylic paint. It worked really well for the road surface which was part of the original Texas highway 66 made up of segmented concrete which, because of the 'joins' in the concrete slabs makes a wonderful 'thump 'ka-thump, ka-thump noise as you drive over it. 

This canvas is deep edge so doesn't require framing. The edges are painted in an indigo/midnight blue and, as with all my artwork, it has been sprayed with a satin varnish to protect it from dust and UV light. 

Measurements - 30.5 x 40.5 x 4.5cm (12 x 16 inches)

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